Operational Excellence with Lean Six Sigma

Handbook for Implementing Process Improvement with Lean Six Sigma
Paperback | English | 2022
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Operational Excellence with Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is the global standard for organizing the design, data-based improvement and control of business processes. Well-designed and controlled processes are key in achieving and sustaining operational excellence. They ensure the quality of service and care, the reliability and safety of work that is done, and a timely processing with short waiting times. High quality processes will at the same time improve the operation’s flexibility. Thereby allowing one to adjust to changes in demand and other circumstances. An organizational capability to harness data-based process improvement, finally, facilitates organizational learning and is foundational for the fruitful implementation of ever increasing digitization and automation opportunities.

Lean Six Sigma offers a complete model for shaping modern continuous improvement programs in organizations. The methodology is built on principles and methods for fact-based process improvement that have proven themselves over the last decades, and will continue to do so in the decades to come. Having emerged in manufacturing, the approach continuously evolved and gained tremendous momentum in the services and healthcare industries. This book offers a thorough and pragmatic account of Lean Six Sigma project- and programme implementation with a special focus on applications in services and healthcare organizations.

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ISBN 978940180829C
Booklanguage English
Domains IT Management
Standards Lean, Six Sigma
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Publish Date Jan 6, 2022
Author Bart A. Lameijer, Henk de Koning, Jeroen de Mast, Joran Lokkerbol, Ronald J.M.M. Does
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