Linked Data Courseware

Paperback | English | 2023
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Linked Data Courseware

Unlock the potential of Linked Data with our comprehensive courseware, designed for professionals and researchers keen on mastering data management, semantic web, and data interoperability. Tailored for diverse audiences, our course caters to:

IT Professionals: Ideal for software developers, data managers, and system architects looking to integrate Linked Data into modern information systems.

Data Scientists and Analysts: Perfect for individuals aiming to link data and extract insights from diverse sources using semantic technologies.

Information Specialists: Librarians, information managers, and archivists interested in enhancing information searches and sharing cultural heritage using Linked Data.

Researchers: Academics spanning various fields who wish to share data and establish connections between research outcomes.

Students: Suited for students of computer science, information sciences, and related disciplines, seeking to enhance their knowledge of Linked Data for future careers.

Organizational Data Managers: Individuals responsible for managing and integrating data within organizations, aiming to grasp Linked Data concepts for seamless data integration.

Policymakers and Innovation Managers: Intended for those keen on understanding how Linked Data contributes to innovation, data sharing among organizations, and deriving value from data.


In this engaging course, participants will:

  • Understand Linked Data and Semantic Web: Explore the basics of RDF, URIs, and triple stores, and comprehend how they function in the realm of Linked Data.
  • Create and Publish RDF Data: Learn to create simple RDF data and understand the methods for publishing and consuming it effectively.
  • Master SPARQL for Semantic Queries: Delve into SPARQL, gaining the ability to conduct basic and complex semantic searches, enhancing your data querying skills.
  • Real-world Applications of Linked Data: Discover practical applications across domains such as media, healthcare, government, and more, understanding the advantages of Linked Data for data interoperability.
  • Hands-on Workshops and Networking: Engage in practical workshops, create RDF data with OSDE, publish it online, and explore the future trends in Linked Data, including rich snippets and graph data science.

Join us in this enriching learning journey where you'll grasp the intricacies of Linked Data, empowering yourself with valuable skills for the evolving digital landscape. Enroll now and step into the future of data integration and semantic web technologies.

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ISBN 978940181107C
Booklanguage English
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Publish Date Oct 25, 2023
Author Fabienne Mouris, Sybrand Wildeboer, Victor de Graaff
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