Contract management in project management and service management - the CATS RVM® methodology

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Contract management in project management and service management - the CATS RVM® methodology

This book describes the CATS RVM methodology that proposes realization and verification management as a way to establish the relationship between contract management and project and service management. The CATS RVM methodology can be applied within public and private organizations, by and for clients and suppliers.

Realization and verification management is the realization of the objectives intended with the contract. It does this by proactively realizing and verifying the performance stipulated in the contract during the execution phase of a contract, managing all risks associated with the performance, setting up all delivery processes, coordinating applicable delivery management processes between client and supplier, and preparing for these activities prior to the execution phase.


CATS RVM offers a methodical approach to managing contracts in project and service management. It describes the basic principles, the roles, the points of attention for the realization and verification manager in the domains of delivery management and contract management, and the recommended way of working. In addition to a description of the methodology, this book also provides a description of the most common delivery management processes in both service and project management.


The CATS RVM methodology is aligned with the best practice contract management methodology CATS CM as described in the book CATS CM® version 4: From working on contracts to contracts that work. However, it can be read completely independently. Where relevant, parts of CATS CM are also described in this book.


This book is suitable for anyone involved with purchase and/or sales contracts in the provision of services, products or projects. This includes project managers, service managers, facility managers, those responsible for a technical service, and those responsible for the provision of HR services. This book also contains much useful information for those who work in adjacent domains such as contract management, procurement, sales, risk management, or compliance, and anyone who is responsible for contracts in a more tactical or strategic role.

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