Business Analysis for Product Owners Courseware

Paperback | English | 2023
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Business Analysis for Product Owners Courseware

The product owner is responsible for ensuring that the work of the development team delivers has value to the organisation and helps the organization to meet the business goals. To ensure the product has value for the organisation, the product owner not only has agile scrum skills, but also needs to have business analysis skills.


Before the development of the product starts, the product owner:
• must perform a need assessment and 
• actively participates in creating a product vision to solve the identified needs and business case. 

During the product development the product owner manage the needs and controls the entire product development process and must be responsible for managing the backlog. During the product development and sfter the product has been implemented, the product owner must perform the various benefit management activities to ensure that the new solution really does contribute to the achievement of the planned benefits and to ensure that the benefits of the change can be integrated into business operations. The courseware will help you to perform effectively 

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