AI Essentials Courseware

Paperback | English | 2023
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AI Essentials Courseware

The AI Essentials courseware offers a comprehensive 1 day training program tailored for business and government professionals, focusing on the practical application and understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their respective work environments. This course is structured to provide a deeper insight into the fundamental concepts of human and Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing the role of Machine Learning (ML) as a pivotal contributor to AI's growth.


Participants will explore the general definition of human and AI, delve into the concept of 'learning from experience,' and understand how this is integral to Machine Learning, based on Tom Mitchell's explicit definition. The course also illuminates how AI is an essential component of Universal Design and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


A significant focus is given to the challenges posed by AI, including a comparison of AI limitations against human systems and the ethical dilemmas AI presents. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with AI, typical funding sources for AI projects, and an enumeration of AI's potential applications.


Crucially, the course will demonstrate how AI, particularly Machine Learning, is set to enhance collaboration between humans and machines. It will also provide a forecast of future directions in this symbiotic relationship, outlining the evolving landscape of human-machine collaboration.


This courseware educates for:

·         The EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Essentials, testing the fundamental concepts of AI.

Follow up modules on this course are.

·         The AI for Business and Government certification (the AI Brevet) which was established by the Netherlands AI Coalition (NL AIC) as a standard for professionals who want to use Artificial Intelligence.

·         The EXIN BCS Artificial Intelligence Foundation, which has a more IT-technical perspective.

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ISBN 978940181122C
Booklanguage English
Domains IT Management
Standards Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
Producttype Courseware
Width (cm) 21
Height (cm) 29,7
Publish Date Dec 2, 2023
Author Reinier van den Biggelaar
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